Otis was always there to meet the bus coming into Windsor with "Bus coming ! I aint lying Bus coming coming ! Get out the way! Bus done come in!!!!
Thank you to Bertie County Back In The Day for this memory.


Store built in early '40s by William Riley Todd. It was operated first by Mr. Johnny Castelow and then by Mr. Reddy Castelow and his wife Miss Annie. Mr. Reddy's sold Pure Oil products (you can see the pump in this picture) L-R: Byrum family: (Daughters of George and Maggie) Lennie, Shirley, Jeanette, Peggy.
Stores across the street from one another. Hoggard Store known as "little" Bud store was operated by George Hoggard. Sold Esso gas. Mr. George always operated the other store, as far as I know.

Courtesy of Sue Clark of Hillsbourgh, NC

The Mail Bag Program
Station W.P.H.R
Petersburg, VA

Roxobel, NC
Nov 3 1936

Miss Margaret Burkette
request, "My Dear" or "I Love You Truly" for
her sister, Mildred, who just got married to Mr. Garland
Jernigan of Aulander, NC. Mr and Mrs Jernigan will
make home in Aulander. I sent in a request before
but it wasn't announced. I will thank you kindly if you sing
and announce this Thursday.

Courtesy of Sue Clark of Hillsbourgh, NC

The Mail Bag Program
Station W.P.H.R.
Petersburg, VA

Roxobel, NC
Dec 3, 1936

Miss Margaret Burkette request, "I Can't
Escape From You" for her little sister, Frankie Ed, who
will be 7 years old Saturday the 5th. Please sing this Saturday

Courtesy of Ray Garganus. See more of Ray's photos.
Original postcard owner: Mrs. Mable C. Beasley.

This was Granville Street sometime in the early 1900's and was taken from the King St. (main street) direction (looking west on King Street) toward the Queen St. intersection.
The first stack of materials, which apparently is in front of a grocery store, looks to be Biddy coups, Chicken coups, and Hen, Turkey or Goose coups(three different sizes). They did not have refrigeration per se in those days and when a shopper bought live animals, they had to have a way of getting them home.
The second stack appears to be the back of a brick sign (not sure of this but if you look at the brick on the store front, they seem to match).
The third stack of materials (a cemented water fountain) is one of the several artesian wells that were in the Town of Windsor. Description by Lou Craig

Courtesy of Lou Craig ecraig@simflex.com

This is a post card of Windsor Graded School ca 1908. The post card was mailed 1/25/1909. My daddy graduated from this school in 1927. This school was located beside Cashie Baptist Church. The Windsor Community Building and a tennis court now occupy the old school lot.

It only took $.01 postage to mail.

Courtesy of Lou Craig ecraig@simflex.com

This post card is dated 2/02/1919 and was probably made in 1918 or before. There is a man standing in the doorway just in front of the old Ford. I believe that this is the entrance of the Windsor Pharmacy.

The white building on the very left was the Windsor Hospital upstairs and J P Rascoe's Store on the ground floor. You can see the dome to the Courthouse behind the Hospital. I was born in this Hospital in 1941. Dr Cola Castelow was the doctor who brought me into this world.

Postage has now gone to $.02 to mail a post card.

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