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Article ID#:4590
Newspaper Date:1890-04-25
Person:ANGE, John H.
Type of Mention:Groom
Newspaper:Roanoke Beacon
Newspaper County:Washington
Newspaper State:NC
Article Title:Long Ridge Letter
Article Type:Marriage
Relevant Counties:Washington
Info:SUMMARY: Dated April 21, 1890 this notice recounts the marriage of Mr. John H. ANGE and Jennie DAVENPORT. Other names mentioned include H.S. GURGANUS, Jas. LUCAS, Melissa SULLIVAN, A.S. JACKSON, Maggie WATERS, R.H. SULLIVAN, Mollie LUCAS, Benj. ANGE, Codia GURGANUS, H. GURGANUS, Cora JACKSON, J.B. WARD, and Bettie GURGANUS.
Source:Personal Review
Contributor:Taneya Koonce
Image:News Image