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Article ID#:7069
Newspaper Date:1906-06-25
Person:PATRICK, George Lane
Type of Mention:Decedent
Newspaper:Kinston Free Press
Newspaper County:Lenoir
Newspaper State:NC
Article Title:Former Kinstonian Dies in Far Western State
Article Type:Death
Relevant Counties:Beaufort, Lenoir
Info:Mr. George Lane PATRICK, son of Mrs. S.M. HARDING, and brother of Mrs. H.C.V. PEEBLES, of this city, native of Beaufort county, NC, and once a citizen of Kinston, died at 12m. Friday last, in the city of Denver, Col. He had been ordered by his physician, in Birmingham, Ala., where he had just finished a large contract, lasting two years, to go to Colorado to obtain relief from tuberculosis. Tubercular meningitis was the immediate cause of death. The climate failed to check the disease. He graduated in 1886 at the University, in his specialty, civil engineering. The greater part of his professional life was spent in Macon, Ga. In June, 1892, he was married to Miss Katherine, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. LEWIS, of this city, who, with four children, survive him. He was an honorable, high-minded gentleman, tenacious of right and intolerant of wrong in any form.
Source:Personal Review
Contributor:Taneya Koonce
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