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Article ID#:7115
Newspaper Date:1906-06-29
Person:SUTTON Jr., John W.
Type of Mention:Decedent
Newspaper:Kinston Free Press
Newspaper County:Lenoir
Newspaper State:NC
Article Title:Ground Broken For School and Various Items
Article Type:Death
Relevant Counties:Lenoir
Info:The sad intelligence of the death of Mr. John W. SUTTON Jr., of Bucklesberry, at his home on Saturday, June 23d, after a two weeks' illness of typhod fever, was received with sorrow by all who knew him. The dominating characteristics of this upright man were honesty and modesty. During a 20 years' acquaintance I have never heard him speak unkindly of any one. His life was the reproduction of the lives of his father and grandfather. Their motto was “owe no man.” The dispensation which caused his death at the early age of 48, when he was surrounded by a loving wife, eight bright, sober healthy children, and a sufficiency of this world's goods seemed untimely, when viewed by the short-sightedness of selfish mortals. Conscientious and unobtrusive he wielded an influence on his fellowmen for good that was lasting. This affliction, because of its suddenness has hardly been realized fully by the loved ones. Besides a widow and children, two brothers, Albert H. and Kirby E. and one sister, Mrs. Bettie, survive him. In the presence of a large assemblage the remains were taken to the family burying ground and consigned to Mother Earth, there to await the resurrection morn. Messrs. Thos. HARVEY, G.L. CAPELL, J.T. HEATH, R.M. HARPER, Geo. HADLEY and John F. BARWICK acted as pallbearers. Flowers bedecked the mound that made the last resting place of one whose good works will linger long in the memory of those who knew him.
Source:Personal Review
Contributor:Taneya Koonce
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