The yearbooks included in the index are drawn from those listed on the NCGenWeb Digital Bookshelf Yearbooks page.

To see the specific list of which yearbooks are included in the database so far, view the Yearbooks Included page. As you'll see, there are many more yearbooks listed on that page that are not included here. I am focusing on earlier years to begin with and will expand in the future.

What years are included?
Most of the entries are from 1930s and earlier, but this will be expanded over time

Why do you only include seniors?
Usually, students progress through each year of college and then graduate. For sake of time, I'm including the senior classes; though I understand there are times when students may not complete all four years at one institution. There are some exceptions in the index - for example, all classes of the 1963 yearbook of North Carolina Central University will eventually be included since at the time I created the index it was the only digitized issue. I decided to do all four years because it was a predominantly black college and African-American students are underrepresented in the index. Also, I will sometimes include graduate classes and hope to expand to include more of them in the future.

Where are the pictures?
You will need to go to the yearbooks directly to view the pictures. This site is an index only. Please visit the NCGenWeb Digital Bookshelf Yearbooks page to find the links to the yearbooks included.

I am looking for African-American students, how do I know who they are?
Given that many colleges in North Carolina were not integrated until the 1960's, the emphasis on yearbooks earlier than this means there is an underrepresentation of African-American students. However, some yearbooks from African-American schools are included such as:

  • Bennett College: 1962-1965
  • North Carolina Central University: 1929-1946 and 1963 yearbooks
  • Elizabeth City State University: 1944-1966
  • Johnson C. Smith University: 1929-1946 (when volumes available)
  • NC Agrigultural & Technical College: 1939-1949 (various years)
  • Shaw University:1943-1951 (some years missing)

What if I find mistakes?
If you find a mistake, please email me at

The yearbook says a person is from a town that I know is an error, what do I do?
Sometimes I have made a mistake in the transcription, and sometimes the yearbook publishers make mistakes. If you find a mistake in the yearbook, email me and we may be able to figure out how to best represent that person in the database.

How do I know when you add new listings?
Updates to the index will be posted to the NCGenWeb News blog. You can sign up to receive blog postings by email or subscribe to the RSS feed.

I'd like to acknowledge Linda K. Lewis for her assistance with creating the user-search interface forms for this site. I'd also like to acknowledge my fellow NCGenWeb Coordinators for their valuable assistance in helping to identify the counties of some of the smaller towns represented in this database.

Last updated: February 1, 2015